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Journalism – Politics

About This Project

Translating for Editorial Monitor:

Editorial Monitor is a site which publishes press articles translated from various languages into English. The articles are taken from nationwide newspapers of several countries and reflect the most recent developments in politics. Maria Xanthopoulou participated in the translators team and focusesd on Turkish politics. Her role involved monitoring the Turkish press to select interesting articles and translating the articles from Turkish into English.


Topics handled:


  • Turkish politics: analysis of the elections outcome of 7 June and 1 November 2015, the major political parties and their attitudes in various issues of the political agenda, Turkish foreign policy, amending the Constitution and the Presidential system
  • ISIS terrorism: the bombings in Ankara and Sultanahmet and their consequences in Turkish economy, Paris attack, commentaries about the DAESH phenomenon
  • Syrian issue: Turkish policy on Syria, US and Turkish attitude with regard to the PYD, PYD’s cantonization process in Northern Syria
  • Russian-Turkish relations: the past and the present of Russian-Turkish relations, economic consequences of the current tensions with Moscow and commentaries about Putin’s attitude
  • Kurdish issue: developments regarding the peace process, the effects of the armed conflict in Turkey’s eastern provinces, PKK, Öcalan, HDP and the state as key factors of the Kurdish issue and the developments in their attitude, PKK’s autonomy declaration in certain districts of Eastern Turkey, views about putting an end to terrorism and the PKK
  • Refugee crisis: contradictory opinions regarding the consultations with the EU, living conditions and problems of refugees in Turkey
  • Women’s rights: commentaries about femicides and sentence reductions for violence against women in Turkey


Newspapers used:


  • Radikal
  • Hürriyet
  • Milliyet
  • Cumhuriyet
  • Vatan
  • Yeni Şafak
  • Sabah
  • Taraf
Editorial Monitor

Monitoring the Turkish press


December 02, 2015

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