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Do you have a thought-provoking story or useful advice for our blog’s readers? If you wish to share your knowledge, experience or ideas, we’ll be more than happy to publish them.

Your story should match the overall spirit of our blog. The articles we publish address mainly clients and their needs or they present interesting aspects of our profession to the general audience. Here are some topics of interest just for you to get a sense of what gets published:

  • Language and politics: status and policies with regard to languages and dialects (ex. the case of Irish and Catalan), governance systems with several official languages (how to balance them?)
  • Language and media: rules and laws on how the language is used in the media (ex. use of foreign words in the news)
  • Historical facts about translation and interpreting
  • Translation/Interpreting and culture: how are cultural elements transmitted to the targeted audience by the translator?
  • Guidelines for customers: How to benefit from translation and interpreting services? Explain methods, procedures and best practices to follow.
  • The role of Artificial Intelligence and technology in translation/interpreting
  • Digitalisation in the translation/interpreting industry
  • The reality of a translator/interpreter: Shed light on important aspects of your daily routine, explain any challenges you face and let the world understand what your profession is really about.

Other relevant topics you may think of are also welcome.

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Our rules:

  • The languages of the blog are Greek and English. We have plans to add more languages in the future, but for now please use only these two.
  • When writing your story, focus on the targeted audience. Consider how you can help them and what value can you add to their life and work.
  • Your content should be unique. Write about your own experiences in your own words. Plagiarism is not accepted.
  • Give credit, if you use a source.
  • Author bio: Together with your article please include also a brief presentation of yourself (approximately one paragraph long). This will be added at the end of the article to briefly introduce the author.
  • Always remember that the purpose of the article is to share useful information that will create value for the audience, not to promote yourself, company or brand.


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