Translation of 140,000+ words from German to Greek and English to Greek for paysafecard


paysafecard is an Austrian prepaid e-transaction service provider. As a payment method, it is particularly popular in the online games and e-commerce sector. paysafecard is available in many countries worldwide, including Greece and Cyprus.


In order to promote its services worldwide, paysafecard provides translations into all languages in the countries where its products are sold (over 15 languages in total). Transatlantic Translations Group undertook overall coordination of the translation process. I am the lead translator for the Greek team which works on preparing and delivering texts aimed at the Greece and Cyprus markets. In addition to translating and localising products for target markets, in collaboration with the end customer I have also prepared a style guide with guidelines about how to write and translate the specific project into Greek.

Translations are done almost daily and relate to:

Translation of advertising materials

  • social media advertising campaigns
  • invitations to participate in contests, draws and tournaments
  • advertisements for electronic games
  • offers to buy electronic games and accompanying equipment
  • email marketing
  • online advertisements
  • communications concerning the release and promotion of new products and functions: paysafecard MasterCard, my paysafecard, paysafecard direct, Paysafecash

Promoting the company

  • company profile
  • awards won by the company
  • company history

Technical translations

  • user account interface
  • platform instructions and advice for users
  • error messages
  • platform help desk
  • FAQs
  • training materials and guidelines for local sales points to train staff about fraud prevention issues

My systematic involvement in the project began in autumn 2016. To date I have translated more than 140,000 words (based on October 2018 statistical data) and the project continues. The main language combination for this project is German-Greek. Translations are also provided in English-Greek combination to a lesser degree.


If so, invest in professional translations to properly promote and market your products. Getting professional translations done offers a series of valuable benefits, such as increased recognisability, optimal adaptation to the cultural background of the target market, greater customer satisfaction and improved credibility. I can contribute to your efforts to expand into foreign markets by:

  • Translating your websites and advertising materials
  • Providing technical translations for products and services
  • Offering official translations to be submitted to public authorities for permitting purposes
  • Interpreting at business meetings
  • Offering community interpreting for your contacts with public authorities
  • Offering simultaneous interpreting at events and conferences, etc.
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