Translation of technical manuals for Fox Racing motorcycle and bicycle riders from English to Greek on behalf of the Transatlantic Translations Group


Fox Racing designs and produces specialist products for motocross and mountain biking riders. Its products include women’s and men’s sports gear and protective equipment (such as protective goggles, helmets, as well as chest, back and elbow guards). It is an international company which sells its products in numerous countries worldwide.


The translation work focused on translating the technical user manuals accompanying the products. Manuals are initially prepared by the company for each product in English and then the English original is translated into more than 15 languages depending on the markets the products are placed on. Transatlantic Translations Group undertook overall coordination of the translation process. As a member of the translators’ team, I assisted by providing translations into Greek which met the needs of the Greek market.


The manuals which were translated related to personal protection equipment (e.g. helmets, knee/back/chest/elbow guards, etc.) and included the following information:

  • Results of safety checks on the products
  • European standards and specifications followed in the design and manufacture of the products
  • Practical instructions on how to use the products (e.g. how to wear them and how to adjust them correctly to the rider’s body)
  • Instructions on how to care for and maintain products (e.g. how to wash and how to store them)
  • Instructions on choosing the right size for you
  • Information on the types of risks against which protection is provided
  • Guarantee information, etc.

I regularly collaborate with Transatlantic working mainly on projects for two major customers: paysafecard and Fox Head. This is a long-term project with a continuous flow of texts. The project for the Fox Head technical manuals commenced in October 2018 and continues successfully even today. So far I have translated around 13,500 words (based on December 2018 statistical data).


If so, invest in professional translations to properly promote and market your products. Getting professional translations done offers a series of valuable benefits, such as increased recognisability, optimal adaptation to the cultural background of the target market, greater customer satisfaction and improved credibility. I can contribute to your efforts to expand into foreign markets by:

  • Translating your websites and advertising materials
  • Providing technical translations for products and services
  • Offering official translations to be submitted to public authorities for permitting purposes
  • Interpreting at business meetings
  • Offering community interpreting for your contacts with public authorities
  • Offering simultaneous interpreting at events and conferences, etc.
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