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Translation Embassy | Translation and Interpreting from / to Greek
Translation Embassy | Translation and Interpreting from / to Greek
official translations from / to Greek, certified translations from / to Greek, Greek interpreter, interpretation from / to Greek, German to Greek, Turkish to Greek, English to Greek, French to Greek
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    Send us your project or text and we will get back to you with an offer!

    Cultural expertise
    Passionate for our work we see each project
    as a piece of art
    and we put high value on the translator’s
    cultural skills and knowledge.

    It’s rare that you come across a language master like Maria….” Luis Calado, Customer Engagement Manager at SurveyMonkey


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    With a broad network of resources we cover almost every language combination.

    Translation Embassy covers linguistic needs with special attention to quality.

    Our cultural expertise constitutes a great advantage and functions as a cornerstone in the meticulous and strict partners selection process.

    • General translations
    • Specialized translations (technical, medical, legal etc.)
    • Certified official translations for your documents and certificates
    • Simultaneous interpreting
    • Consecutive interpreting
    • Liaison interpreting
    • Community interpreting
    • Whispering (chuchotage)
    Editing / proofreading
    • Translation Review
    • Language Quality Assessment
    • Text correction
    • Subtitling of films, series, videos
    • Review of existing subtitles
    Linguistic and cultural counseling
    • Awareness of social, economic and political conditions in the addressed markets
    • Advice on the appropriateness and impact of your text
    We speak almost every language

    Working languages: English, German, French, Turkish, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Albanian, Arabic, Bulgarian etc.



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