How can I network with businesses overseas?

Like many Greek businesses, during recession you decided to adopt an outward looking approach and boost your exports overseas. Getting in touch with foreign businesses though is causing you some trouble, as travels are often costly and in the last two years have even become nearly impossible due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

I definitely understand the impasses a small or medium sized enterprise may face with this regard. The good news though is that you can now arrange virtual meetings with your foreign partners and have professional interpreters assist you in real time from the comfort of your home, with minimum cost and effort.

Remote simultaneous interpreting existed before as well, but in the last two years it has become particularly popular due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This option takes place through specialized platforms, which enable human interpreters to log in and provide simultaneous interpretation. The participants can listen to them by selecting a language channel. Thus, you can easily communicate and network with foreign businesses with the help of human experts right from where you are. Presentations, negotiations, interviews, events and other occasions have thus been supported, even at a high level.

Our team has actively worked with various businesses in the last two years to support their communication and networking efforts. We are familiar with almost all platforms providing such distance services and we can help you compare them and make the right choice to design your event.

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