Legal Translations

Legal translation is a sector of great difficulty which requires excellent knowledge of translation techniques, familiarity with special legal language and terminology, as well as a strong grasp of legal issues.

It is one area I particularly specialise in, since I have been enrolled as an undergraduate at the Athens Law School since September 2017. Consequently, my professional training harmoniously combines the two key factors in legal translation: (a) academic translation studies and (b) legal training.


Just some of the legal translations I have provided include:

  • Legal documents for businesses:
    Articles of Association, deeds of incorporation of companies, registrations with chambers of commerce, collaboration agreements, leases and purchase agreements, employee contracts, bylaws, etc.
  • Legal documents for foundations and NGOs:
    Statutes, bylaws, partnership agreements between different bodies, etc.
  • Court documents:
    civil actions and case files, such as intellectual property right infringements, disputes concerning social security contributions, divorces and other family cases, custody of children following divorce, inheritance disputes, injunctive relief, etc. Criminal cases such as prosecutions against smuggling, terrorist acts, financial crimes, etc. As well as court transcripts, court judgments, affidavits, etc.
  • Administrative legal acts:
    legislation, decrees, regulations, guidelines, circulars, decisions of the public administration, etc.
  • Technical contracts:
    contracts for photovoltaic systems, patents, sale agreements for electricity and power management companies
  • Insurance contracts:
    life insurance, third party liability, accident insurance, theft, natural disasters, etc.
  • Terms and conditions:
    terms and conditions of use for products and services such as mobile SIM cards, online accounts for internet service providers, Paysafecash terms and conditions of use, etc.
  • Notarial documents:
    powers of attorney, certificates of inheritance, wills, acceptance of inheritance deeds, adoption decisions, etc.
  • Military and police documents:
    army recruitment certificates, loss or theft reporting forms, etc.
  • Degrees and certificates:
    Marriage / birth certificates, capacity to marry certificates, marital status certificates, permanent residence certificates, etc.


Legal texts are highly demanding and to tram property requires the development of a special set of skills. Professional translators have been trained on a series of issues such as translation techniques, how to write legal texts, special terminology, analysis of legal concepts, how to search and find reliable sources, general information about legal issues, etc.


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