How can I safeguard confidentiality in my event?

In a previous article we already talked about the importance of an interpreter’s preparation before a conference. For the correct preparation we need to have access to the presentations and material of the conference in advance and schedule a reasonable timeframe for studying.

What happens when these presentations refer to confidential information of an institution, which are governed by a strict confidentiality protocol and the client is hesitant about sharing it? As a rule, this happens in seminars, for example, where the speaker hesitates to provide material, which includes all the know-how they strived to develop. Apart from the conferences, though, the same problem emerges in other forms of interpreting as well, such as court interpreting, where there is justified concern about the disclosure of sensitive or crucial information included in the case files, or in translations of documents where even individual customers are concerned about the disclosure of their personal data.

In any case, one thing is certain. If we want the job done correctly, we cannot avoid the disclosure of our documents to the interpreter. What is important is that the disclosure is made in a secure way. So what should you pay attention to in order to avoid worries and trouble? We have collected some advice below, which you can adopt as good practice in order to safeguard the confidentiality but also the success of your event.

Check if the interpreter is member of a professional association

All professional associations have codes of conduct, which their members are obliged to follow and risk disciplinary action if they don’t. As a key pillar of the translation profession, confidentiality is an integral and fundamental part of the codes of conduct of all translators’ associations, more so in the framework formed by the General Data Protection Regulation. So if the interpreter you selected is a member of a professional association, this is a positive first sign that they are informed and aware of their obligation to act with confidentiality.

However, is this enough? You may reasonably wonder if membership in an association suffices for safeguarding professional secrets and other classified information. The codes of conduct, as several of my clients say, are just wishful thinking that may lead to disciplinary action but not to legal consequences. How can I get further guarantees?

You can sign a non-disclosure agreement with the interpreter

The non-disclosure agreement constitutes a legal document and has legal consequences in case of breach of the stipulated obligations. It is therefore a strong measure that provides you with security. So you can ask the interpreter to sign one. They will probably agree to sign if the agreement’s terms are reasonable.

Check the interpreter’s profile

Of course this is not a strong guarantee, nevertheless one can draw important conclusions this way as well. Check the privacy policy that is published in the interpreter’s professional website. There we explain the practices we apply in full detail. Look for feedback by other clients. Express your concerns to the interpreter and talk with them about finding possible solutions. All this interaction will help you understand if they are a reliable person that acts responsibly and is aware of their obligations.

None of us would want to risk their reputation and as a result their survival. Apart from you, by safeguarding the confidentiality we first and foremost protect ourselves.


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Originally published in Greek here
Translated into English by: Nanette Agrafioti


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