Interpreting Projects


Interpreting for Lilian Thuram as part of the Barça foundation’s FutbolNet programme

The FutbolNet programme was set up by the Barça Foundation in 2011 to help vulnerable groups of children and adolescents. It is a method that encourages social integration and inclusion through sport, and football in particular. Since 2017 in collaboration with the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, the programme has been offered to refugee communities in Greece and is a platform for making the adverse conditions under which they live better. Based on the values of the Barcelona team, which can be summarised as humility, hard work, ambition, respect and team spirit, children learn to resolve conflicts and collaborate, to develop self-esteem and respect for others, while also exercising and having fun. For more information about the programme, please visit:


Interpreting at the National Museum of Contemporary Art

This was a lecture performance organised as part of the “Unpacking my library” exhibition at the National Museum of Contemporary Art. The presentation was made in the Museum’s reading room / library in the form of interactive discussion between the speakers and the audience. The participants were gathered around the exhibit and watched the speakers who were in between them. We were all standing and moved around the exhibit inside the library to observe the specific aspect which was being analysed in each case. Due to the special way in which the event was hosted, consecutive interpreting was chosen.


Interpreting at the AVIS 2018 Annual Conference

AVIS, a well-known car hire firm, was sold in 2018 by Piraeus Bank. One of the buyers was a company in the Turkish Otokoç Group. Otokoç’s Deputy General Manager in Turkey, İnan Ekici, attended the company’s annual conference along with other senior executives from his country. The organisers therefore needed simultaneous interpreting services from Greek to Turkish.


Interpreting for the European Asylum Support Office (EASO)

EASO is a European Union body which was established to foster practical cooperation between states on asylum issues. It plays a decisive role in implementing the Common European Asylum System and serves as a centre of expertise supporting Member States whose asylum and reception systems are under increased pressure. 

As part of its action to address the refugee crisis in Greece, in October 2016 it organised a series of seminars for Greek judges who were examining asylum applications. Interpreters in the Greek <-> English combination, drawn from the local market in Athens, were used to hold the seminars. Seprotec was responsible for general coordination of interpreting services for EASO.


Interpreting at the conference of religious leaders of Cyprus for freedom of faith and religion

The conference was organised by the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe in partnership with the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights and the Religious Track of the Cyprus Peace Process (RTCYPP). 

The RTCYPP is a peace-building initiative under the aegis of the Swedish Embassy. Its objective is to promote dialogue and cooperation between the various religious communities in Cyprus and to make a positive and constructive contribution to peace talks on the Cyprus issue. Through this initiative religious leaders undertake to work together for human rights, peace and reconciliation. More information about the RTCYPP can be found at the following link:


Interpreting at BMW’s Innovation Drive seminar in Munich

The company is the well-known manufacturer and seller of BMW cars. In 2015 BMW organised seminars at its facilities in Munich, Germany to present the BMW 7 Series model to dealers and sales reps from all over Europe. Interpreters were used at the event covering more than 20 European languages overall. PlusLingua GmBH was responsible for coordinating the interpreters. The seminars were held at the BMW Driving Academy in Maisach, Munich.


Interpreting of training seminars for medical staff at Refugee Reception Centres

In response to the refugee crisis reaching its peak in 2015, major public and international bodies have been working in Greece to help with the reception of refugees and migrants. With that in mind, in 2017 a training course was organised at first reception stations by the Hellenic Centre for Disease Control & Prevention (KEELPNO) in collaboration with the United Nations Population Fund. The programme was primarily aimed at newly appointed healthcare professionals who staffed the reception centres in Mytilene, Hios, Samos and Kos, and volunteers from NGOs were given the chance to attend.


Interpreting At The 3rd Meeting Of The Monitoring Committee For The Ionian Islands Regional Operational Programme (Rop)

The event was organised by the Ionian Islands Region which is participating in the 2014-2020 NSRF via the Ionian Islands Regional Operational Programme. As part of the programme, a series of projects and interventions have been planned to improve the region. These interventions relate to key sectors of society and the economy such as health, education, tourism development, etc. The meeting we attended was convened in November 2017 to evaluate progress in implementing the Ionian Islands ROP.


Interpreting the press conference of the author Arne Dahl as part of the Athens World Book Capital 2018 event

The World Book Capital is a UNESCO initiative launched in 2001. The title is awarded each year to a different city and the event runs from 23 April in that year to 22 April of the following year. Athens was chosen as the World Book Capital 2018-2019. Various activities and events were held over the course of the year. 

One of them was a tribute to Scandinavian detective fiction which was organised in late October and early November 2018. The tribute included interviews, lectures and discussions with authors of detective novels. Among the honoured guests was Swedish writer Arne Dahl, whose works have been translated into numerous languages including Greek.


Interpreting At The 12th Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival

The Thessaloniki Festival is a leading event that takes place every year. It is divided into two separate events, the International Film Festival held in November and the International Documentary Festival held in March.


Interpreting At The 2-Day Solidarity School Meeting On 16 And 17 June 2018

Solidarity schools are alternative educational structures which seek to promote a more democratic and consensual manner of education based on solidarity and self-organisation. Solidarity schools are not a substitute for the public education system. On the contrary, they support public schools by helping to better meet the educational needs of modern society and to address the social challenges in education which arose from the recent financial crisis. A special feature of solidarity schools is their democratic function expressed via decision-making in the form of joint meetings attended by teachers, parents and children.


Interpreting At The Amel And Samusocial Conference

AMEL and SamuSocial are non-governmental organisations that support refugees, displaced persons and vulnerable groups in general. Their activities are multi-faceted, including medical assistance, organising education programmes and initiatives in various fields such as urban and rural development, protecting minors, preventing racism, combating social exclusion, promoting social integration of refugees and migrants, defending human rights, promoting democracy, supporting young people, and much else besides.
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