Translation Projects


In-house employee at the SurveyMonkey® Dublin Office

SurveyMonkey provides an online tool to create questionnaires, conduct surveys and analyse their results. From its head offices in the USA and Ireland, it is aimed at customers from all over the world, which is why it adapts its platform to the languages of countries of major interest.


Translation of the Kaave Falı mobile app from Turkish into Greek

The creators of Kafemanteio, the coffee cup fortune telling app (whose initial title in Turkish is Kaave Falı) are a group of Turkish programmers and graphic designers. Their idea was to create an app that reads the signs in coffee cups and predicts your future. The application was originally designed in Turkish and is available for download on Google Play and App Store.


Daily monitoring of the Turkish press and translation of selected articles from Turkish to English

Editorial Monitor was a 4-month pilot project in the period 2015-1016 which sought to provide information to Austrian officials about political developments in the wider Eastern Europe and Middle East region. In order to achieve this, an online portal was developed which provided daily translations of journalistic pieces published in national newspapers in the countries of interest. General coordination of the translations at local level was done by the company “per/word”.


Translation of 55,000+ words from Greek to Turkish for ANEK LINES’ website

ANEK LINES is a shipping company owned by Greeks, and is one of the leading maritime transport companies in Greece. It’s a company with a broad base of shareholders, founded in Crete in 1967 and has a long history. It operates routes to popular destinations in Greece and Italy and serves both passengers and freight. As a leader in the tourism sector, ANEK invests in attracting customers from abroad. In this context, it commissions professional translations in order to effectively promote its services and its profile to foreign audiences.


Translation of 35,000+ word advertising campaign from English & German to Greek for Cliq Digital

Cliq Digital is an advertising and marketing company with offices in both Germany and Holland. It specialises in digital advertising on the internet, mobiles and apps. The digital products it promotes are divided into four categories:

  • Entertainment: Promoting entertainment and information content such as videos, music, etc.
  • Games: Online games for iOS and Android apps
  • Apps: applications on various topics relating to practical functions, leisure content, etc.
  • Software: security and ant-virus software


Preparation of dictionaries in the English-Greek and French-Greek language combinations for WordReference

The website provides bilingual online general-purpose dictionaries in many language combinations, including combinations featuring Greek. In addition to dictionaries, it also has a forum users can register for and submit questions or initiate language discussions.


Translation of glossaries and lexicography works from English to Turkish for MM Publications

MM Publications specialises in publishing books and educational materials for learning English. The books published are available in Greece and abroad and are aimed at both students and teachers of English. They cover all levels from beginners to advanced learners.


Translation of Theodoros Boufidis’ book ‘Istanbul then and now’

Theodoros Boufidis is the creative mind behind the tixamperiaapothnpolh (what news from Istanbul) blog. As a fan of Istanbul, he has endlessly explored its narrow lanes, not only in popular tourist districts, but also in other less well-known and forgotten neighbourhoods which although seemingly remote conceal important aspects of the city’s story.

To visit Theodoros Boufidis’ website, visit the following link:

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