Turkish <=> Greek (Translation & Interpreting)

It’s rare to find this language combination at professional level in both the Greek and Turkish markets. In my case, however, it is a key pillar of my professional activity, as I am not only fully fluent in the Turkish language, but I have also been inspired to study Turkish society, its economy and the geopolitical situation. The following factors have all contributed to this:

  • my long stay in Turkey and my day-to-day following of social developments there
  • academic studies at Turkish institutions and attendance at seminars on geopolitical issues during my time there
  • my work experience in translation companies in Istanbul
  • close family ties to people of Turkish origin and day-to-day contact with them.

Rather than simply conveying the surface meaning of words, interpreting delves deeper, uniting countries and bridging cultures. Interpreters become cultural diplomats and ensure that peoples are brought together.

That is the very core of my role at Translation Embassy, where thanks to the Greek and Turkish language services I offer, I am able to bring together 2 countries whose relations have historically been tempestuous.


The services I offer to and from Turkish include:

Commercial Interpreting

Interpreting services for Turkish and Greek businessmen during their commercial meetings, transactions and bilateral negotiations

Community Interpreting

Community interpreting for Turkish citizens to facilitate communication with Greek public authorities (courts, hospitals and other public services)

Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting at conferences of companies with Greek and Turkish shareholders

Legal Interpreting

Legal interpreting at law or notarial offices for the signing of company contracts, drafting of powers of attorney for private individuals, etc.

Translations for Businesses

Translation services for Greek businesses operating in Turkey or conversely Turkish businesses trading in Greece. Among other things, these services relate to the translation of websites, user manuals and product technical characteristics, advertising materials, financial-tax documents, etc.

Software Translation

Website, application and software translations

Translation of Certificates

Official (certified) translations of certificates and various legal documents for Turkish citizens residing in Greece

Tourism Translations

Translations for tourism entrepreneurs to promote tourism and the cultural product both countries have to offer

Translations of political articles

Translation of journalistic analyses about major political issues unfolding in Turkey


University of Ankara - TÖMER Institute

A one-year training course to deepen Turkish language skills which led to me acquiring a higher level diploma in Turkish

University of Bosporus, Istanbul

6-month training course to deepen Turkish language skills and learn interpreting to and from Turkish
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