Interpreting At The 12th Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival


The Thessaloniki Festival is a leading event that takes place every year. It is divided into two separate events, the International Film Festival held in November and the International Documentary Festival held in March.


I worked with the Film Festival team in March 2010 to provide interpreting services at the 12th International Documentary Festival. Interpreting was offered in the festival’s cinema theatres both before and after screenings.

More specifically:

  • Before the screening began, the director welcomed the audience and gave a brief presentation of the film.
  • The screening was then followed by a discussion during which the audience could ask questions to the director.

We chose consecutive interpreting since it was the best fit for these special conditions. The language combination was English to Greek and Greek to English. The interpreting was provided throughout the entire festival over a period of 10 days in total.


The preparation tactics included:

  • Studying the director’s biography
  • Gathering general information about the documentary
  • Watching the documentary
  • Doing further research into historical, scientific or socio-political aspects relevant to the documentary’s subject matter
  • Watching the director’s previous interviews
  • Studying published articles and reviews of the director’s work


Art knows no borders. However, in order to give practical effect to that, linguistic barriers –which in many cases prevent the artist from conveying his messages ‘by reaching’ the soul of the audience– must be torn down.

So, if you’re also organising a cultural event with a similar philosophy, I can help you by:

  • Providing interpreting services
  • Assembling a team of interpreters for longer events
  • Providing translations to ensure your event or artistic work is properly promoted.
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