Translation of 35,000+ word advertising campaign from English & German to Greek for Cliq Digital


Cliq Digital is an advertising and marketing company with offices in both Germany and Holland. It specialises in digital advertising on the internet, mobiles and apps. The digital products it promotes are divided into four categories:

  • Entertainment: Promoting entertainment and information content such as videos, music, etc.
  • Games: Online games for iOS and Android apps
  • Apps: applications on various topics relating to practical functions, leisure content, etc.
  • Software: security and ant-virus software


In 2017 Cliq Digital contacted me to translate the content of a series of products into Greek. The products related to its first three sectors of activity and included:

  • video content and descriptions
  • descriptions for stickers, emoticons and wallpapers
  • recreational quizzes
  • content and descriptions of various apps
  • online game titles, content and descriptions

The total volume of text translated was around 30,000-35,000 words. The translation was done from English and German into Greek.


The company needed to have the translations done urgently and the time I had at my disposal was astounding (around 1 week). In order to be able to complete the project within a short time I worked with two other colleagues to share the load.

In group work it’s always essential to ensure flawless coordination and to be able to discuss and take decisions quickly. To achieve this, I always choose the individuals who will collaborate with me very carefully, ensuring that there is trust and a sense of agreement between us.

Before we started the translation, we all met together to examine the text and to set the parameters for the style we would adopt. The texts were aimed at a young audience aged 14 to 24. Our language and style ought to be appropriate to them. So we decided to use the singular instead of the polite plural in Greek, so that our communication with the public was more direct and friendlier in tone. Of course, we had to use the same terms and also avoid complex, pompous and scholarly expressions. Our slogan was: simple, direct, friendly, comprehensible and attractive.

We then divided up the sections that each team member would undertake to translate and created an online terminology file to which all three of us had access. We managed to ensure a basic uniform approach to the entire volume of text so that the style did not change every time the translator changed. We were also in constant contact with each other so that we could take collective decisions about any issues or linguistic challenges which arose during the course of the translation.

Having completed the translation, I collected all the individual sections into a single document and edited all the texts. This editing process is a necessary step in cases where the work is allocated to more than one person so that the individual sections can be brought into line with each other. In doing so, I ensured that the style, language approach and other translation parameters were the same across the whole text.


Using professional translators for your advertising offers a series of advantages such as:

  • in-depth knowledge and ease of use of the language that allows expressive manoeuvres to be performed
  • weighing up communication parameters based on target audiences to implement a suitable global style strategy
  • ensuring that your advertising messages are creative and appealing
  • knowing the target audience’s cultural background, which makes it easier to select effective expressions that have a greater impact
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