Translation of Theodoros Boufidis’ book "Istanbul then and now"


Theodoros Boufidis is the creative mind behind the tixamperiaapothnpolh (what news from Istanbul) blog. As a fan of Istanbul, he has endlessly explored its narrow lanes, not only in popular tourist districts, but also in other less well-known and forgotten neighbourhoods which although seemingly remote conceal important aspects of the city’s story.

A short while ago he published a coffee-table book of photographs which attempts to compare the how the city looked then and how it looks now. More specifically, having investigated archival material, he collected a series of old photographs from Istanbul and then visited those parts of the city to capture them with his photographic lens as it is today. These photographs from then and now are presented in the book and are revealing of how the city has developed over the centuries.

To visit Theodoros Boufidis’ website, visit the following link: 


The photographs in the coffee-table book are accompanied by comments which Theodoros Boufidis wrote in Greek. However, since his book would also be of interest to Turkish readers, along the way he decided to translate those comments into Turkish so that a Turkish version could also be created. 

We began collaborating on the translation in March 2018. The texts included the introduction with the foreword, comments on the photographs, captions and the epilogue. The total volume was around 5,000 words and in a second stage I also collaborated with a reviewer who was a native speaker of Turkish, which is recommended best practice for works which are to be published. Duygu Gökalp, who happens to be Theodoros Boufidis’ wife, edited the book.


Art knows no borders, which is why artists often need to resort to the high art of translation in order to present their work and transmit their messages “by touching” the soul of the public in other countries.

If you have also created a cultural project with a similar philosophy, I can help you by:

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