How can I design a highly effective foreign ad campaign?

You have run a successful ad campaign for your product and now that it has paid off you decided to run the same campaign in a foreign target market and you translated the message. However, you notice that your campaign does not have the same dynamic in the foreign language.

This is a frequent phenomenon that happens when you don’t follow the proper translation technique. People often believe that specific kinds of speech, like texts of literary nature for example, cannot be translated without losing their glory. Well, as a professional translator with a long experience I can tell you that this is not true. What people ignore is that marketing texts require a special translation approach that involves creativity and expertise. Here are some tips you should take into account in such tasks:

Know your audience

Marketing translations should be tailored to the specific audience you wish to target. The word “basketball” for example can be translated both as “μπάσκετ” and “καλαθοσφαίριση” in Greek. Which one you would use depends on your audience. Are you writing for teenagers or for an official meeting of referees and coaches discussing about rules and technical stuff?

Don’t translate literally

A word for word translation is not the correct approach for marketing texts. Focus on the key information you need to preserve and unfold your creativity to dress them with elegance and magic. Experienced marketing translators have sharpened their skills towards this direction.

Never use automatic translation tools

Artificial Intelligence cannot differentiate audience and add creativity per se. It can be a powerful tool, only under precise conditions. If you don’t know how to configure its parameters, you had better refrain from using it, as you won’t profit from its results. Only translators with specialized training can tell when it’s worth using it and make it happen for you.

Translation Embassy specializes on marketing projects and tailored translations for Greek and Cypriot consumers and businesses. We support various industries and brands, such as paysafecard and Skrill from the fintech industry, just to name a few of them.

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