How can Ι double my business revenue?

You have a traditional small or medium size local business and you work mainly with the people of your neighbourhood or your town. Your business is doing quite well. However, you realise that you work too much only to gain a moderate income and you wish you could achieve higher profits.

Well, this feeling sounds familiar for many of us. I was at a similar position some years ago, until I decided to differentiate my portfolio and go online as well. So, here is the solution you can try to expand your clientele and make your business thrive on a global level.

The EU single market makes it nowadays easier to sell your products or services everywhere throughout Europe. The absence of customs as well as the free movement of workers, services and goods among member states have established solid foundations that allow you to export and sell your products abroad. Furthermore, thanks to the technological progress, you now have all the digital tools you need to make this happen right from where you are.

You don’t need to go abroad and open a shop or an office in a foreign country, like we used to do in the old days, anymore. All you have to do is find the right professionals and invest on your digital presence. Create a website, open a e-shop, design some digital marketing campaigns and start selling till the end of the world.

A large portion of modern consumers think that a business looks outdated, if it doesn’t have a website. Does your business have a website already? Have you properly localized it to reach your audience?

Now it’s easier than ever to reach clients all over the world. You don’t need necessarily to employ multilingual staff that isn’t always easy to find and may cost you a lot. You only need to design and localize properly your website just once. This is the main investment you need to do to get started. Any later updates and maintenance would require less extensive works. Imagine what a cost-effective opportunity this is! A one-time investment and the whole world is yours! Just make sure you do it right and never sacrifice the quality to minimize the expenses.

As experienced translators we often support businesses in their effort to go global and we are happy to contribute to their success through our expertise. Our team collaborates with developers and business owners to help them cover multiple language combinations and reach their target market. Should you need professional advice with your website or e-shop contact us at to get a free quote.

So, what is your next target market? Get in touch with us and let the journey begin!

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