How to organise hybrid/online conferences with interpreting services

As the pandemic continues, the conference organisation protocols explicitly stipulate the conduct of hybrid or solely online conferences and events. What is important now is that you find the best way to add interpreting services to an online or hybrid organisation, so that everything runs smoothly and the event does not lose its dynamic at all.

Solutions for remote/online interpreting

Interpreting studio

When interpreting services are provided remotely, the first solution we suggest to our clients is to conduct them from an interpreting studio. These specialised settings have appropriate soundproofing and advanced technical equipment that make it possible to provide the services more securely in any case.

For example, the studio standards stipulate among others that the space is equipped with two internet connections by different providers, so that there is always a second back-up solution in case of an outage of the main connection. Moreover, a studio has UPS units that are activated automatically in case of a power cut.

The most important thing, however, in working from a studio is that the interpreters are working together in the same space. Interpreting is a teamwork that requires collaboration. The fact that we are in the same space with our colleagues allows us to keep a perfect coordination during the event, to assist and support each other whenever necessary.

Home office

If you don’t wish or if it’s not possible for any reason to book a studio, there is always the possibility to provide interpreting services from our home or office. Due to the circumstances, our team was requested to use this solution several times during the last two years. We managed to set up working stations at our offices or homes and admittedly this way worked effectively as well.

The minimum requirements for setting up a working station in order to provide interpreting services from the office or home are, inter alia, a high-speed internet connection (at least 10 Mbps download and upload), an appropriate headset with a microphone for loud and clear voice transmission, a PC with an Intel i7 Core processor and 16GB+ RAM, additional screens etc.

In this case, the interpreters may not work in the same space but each one from their own base. On one hand this offers some flexibility, but on the other hand it requires ensuring that there will be a suitable platform where the interpreters will be able to use an intercommunication system to listen to each other’s interpreting in order to coordinate with each other and help their colleagues correctly.

Contact us for more advice

Our team has gained experience in online interpreting and can assist you in planning your event, so that you can find interpreters, book a studio or compare the available platforms in the market and select the right one, depending on your event’s needs.

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Originally published in Greek here:πώς-να-διοργανώσετε-υβριδικά-διαδικτ/
Translated into English by: Nanette Agrafioti


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