In-house employee at the SurveyMonkey® Dublin Office


SurveyMonkey provides an online tool to create questionnaires, conduct surveys and analyse their results. From its head offices in the USA and Ireland, it is aimed at customers from all over the world, which is why it adapts its platform to the languages of countries of major interest.


I worked with SurveyMonkey for two years as an in-house employee at its Dublin office. I had two main tasks: (a) to facilitate German-speaking, Turkish-speaking and English-speaking customers in their mother tongue and (b) to translate and localise the platform for the Turkish market.


As far as the translation aspect is concerned, my duties included:

  • checking the quality of existing Turkish translations
  • identifying language problems and introducing improvements to the translated version of the platform and manuals
  • extracting technical terminology for the tool and preparing English-Turkish glossaries for use by external translators
  • providing clarifications to external translators and answering their questions
  • evaluating test translation for prospective new external translators


My parallel involvement in the customer service sector was an advantage for me since I had the opportunity to become fully acquainted with all aspects of the tool. The special in-house knowledge of the platform’s technical specifications which I acquired made it easier to check and select the most suitable renditions of words for each function and allowed me to support the work of the external translators by providing advice and clarifications. The translations were in the English-Turkish language combination.


If so, do not forget that the quality of the translations is a key factor in attracting users. A well-written platform is easy to use and functional. Investing in professional translations will therefore pay you back richly.
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