Interpreting at BMW’s Innovation Drive seminar in Munich


The company is the well-known manufacturer and seller of BMW cars. In 2015 BMW organised seminars at its facilities in Munich, Germany to present the BMW 7 Series model to dealers and sales reps from all over Europe. Interpreters were used at the event covering more than 20 European languages overall. PlusLingua GmBH was responsible for coordinating the interpreters. The seminars were held at the BMW Driving Academy in Maisach, Munich.


As part of the event I offered interpreting services from German to Greek and vice versa at the seminar entitled Innovation Drive. In effect it was a hands-on event during which the technical characteristics and luxury features of the vehicle were analysed in the first phase and in the second phase they were practically tested by taking a test drive in the surrounding area.

Participants at the seminar were representatives and sales reps of BMW from Greece and Cyprus. In order to effectively run the specific seminar small groups of 4-5 people had to be formed. The first phase of training was carried out on-site in the car park, where the technical characteristics were analysed and remote parking functionality was demonstrated. During the second phase of training, participants entered the cars and we all went on a test drive. I was in the first car along with the trainer and behind us were the vehicles with the trainees, all in a row. The vehicles were in contact with each other via a walkie talkie system which was used to interpret the instructions and clarifications provided by the instructor. Consecutive interpreting was considered more appropriate for the special conditions of this seminar.


  • BMW Laserlight
  • BMW Gesture Control
  • BMW Touch Command
  • BMW Remote Control Parking
  • BMW Display Key
  • BMW Efficient Dynamics
  • BMW Efficient Lightweight
  • BMW xDrive
  • Driving Experience Control
  • Transmission
  • Aerodynamics
  • Carbon Core
  • Executive Drive Pro
  • Bowers & Wilkins Diamond surround sound system
  • Ambient Light
  • Ambient Air package
  • Rear seat entertainment experience
  • Executive Lounge


If so, then it’s a good idea to invest in professional interpreters to ensure that your trainees get a full, proper picture of your products and services and leave full of inspiration and the very best of impressions.

If you’re organising a seminar, I can help you by:

  • Providing interpreting services (simultaneous, whispered and consecutive depending on the circumstances)
  • Assembling a team of interpreters for longer seminars or to cover a wide range of languages
  • Translating your training materials and presentations
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