Interpreting at the AVIS 2018 Annual Conference


AVIS, a well-known car hire firm, was sold in 2018 by Piraeus Bank. One of the buyers was a company in the Turkish Otokoç Group. Otokoç’s Deputy General Manager in Turkey, İnan Ekici, attended the company’s annual conference along with other senior executives from his country. The organisers therefore needed simultaneous interpreting services from Greek to Turkish.


The task was assigned to me by the Your Interpreter agency run by my colleague Zoe Resta, who had undertaken general coordination of language services. Two interpreters were charged with ensuring the conference ran smoothly. During preparations, I contacted the colleague I would be working with, to coordinate our efforts.

Our preparations included:

  • Studying analyses on general trends in the rental car market
  • Exchanging articles and other sources relevant to the issue
  • Examining the presentations and materials provided by organisers
  • Extracting special terminology and preparing glossaries
  • Exchanging our personal glossaries
  • Other coordination-related issues

On the day of the conference we visited the event venue well before the scheduled time to settle any procedural issues with organisers and to check that the technical equipment was operating properly (booths, headphones, microphones, etc.). Simultaneous interpreting services from Greek to Turkish were provided at the event.


Growing your business requires a comprehensive outward-looking strategy which, among other things, takes serious account of how you can promote and market your products properly. Translation and interpreting are of direct relevance here, since they enhance your name’s recognition factor and your credibility. As a professional interpreter and translator I can assist you by:
  • Providing reliable translations for your products in foreign markets
  • Translating and localising your advertising campaigns
  • Providing quality translations of websites that ensure you convey a top class image
  • Offering official translations to be submitted to public authorities in order to obtain permits or for other purposes
  • Offering professional interpreting during your talks with associates and foreign organisations
  • Providing simultaneous interpreting at your conferences
  • Assembling a team of interpreters for a wide range of languages or for longer meetings, etc.
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