Translation of the Kaave Falı mobile app from Turkish into Greek


The creators of Kafemanteio, the coffee cup fortune telling app (whose initial title in Turkish is Kaave Falı) are a group of Turkish programmers and graphic designers. Their idea was to create an app that reads the signs in coffee cups and predicts your future. The application was originally designed in Turkish and is available for download on Google Play and App Store.


Due to the success of the project, the team decided to make the application available in markets other than Turkey. To that end, professional translations from Turkish into the official languages of the markets which it decided to contact were needed. The application was translated into English, Greek, Arabic and Italian. I contributed to the venture by undertaking the translations into Greek.


The translation process was coordinated by Get Localization. This is a Finnish company specialised in technical adaptation and localisation of applications for sale on foreign markets.

To enable translations to be done, the company has developed its own online work platform which assists and facilitates the process in the following ways:

  • allowing translators to communicate directly with the client to ask questions and to request screenshots for any areas requiring clarification.
  • allowing one to see the word choices in other languages to get ideas
  • providing access to questions posed by other translators so that the customer’s answers can be used to inform the entire team and ensure better coordination.
  • making it possible for translators and reviewers to contact each other consult each other about how best to render a word or phrase.

Two people were involved in providing the translations into Greek, one in the role of translator and one in the role of reviewer. This handling of the texts by two different people is always recommended when translating applications and websites so as to achieve maximum functionality by double checking everything. I worked as the translator.

The texts translated related to the user’s work environment (fields, instructions, error messages, etc.) and the predictions. In total over 120,000 words were translated.


Translation is the means of gaining access to international markets. The benefits of professional translation include:

  • ensuring maximum functionality for your software or platform by increasing user satisfaction. This results in faster dissemination of your product and attracting even more fans. Remember that users will tend to abandon your product if slipshod, careless translations reduce functionality. Do you want to risk that?
  • It shows the world you treat your business responsibly and not just superficially. You have developed a comprehensive outward-looking strategy and do not resort to quick fixes. This gives your business credibility.
  • Professional translators have studied the societies of their working languages in depth and take into account not only linguistic but also cultural aspects. Consequently, they are able to adapt the translation of your texts so as to better respond to the idiosyncrasies of the public you’re addressing. They are also in a position to warn you if one of your texts could come into conflict with the morals and traditions of the translation’s intended audience (e.g. at one point, the Turkish version of the application referred to the circumcision of children, so I warned the customer that due to the difference in religion the specific prediction would not have much resonance and I proposed alternatives in line with the customs and mores of the translation’s intended audience).

To translate your software, website or application I can help you with:

  • Professional translation services to adapt your products to the Greek market
  • Double check things with the assistance of a colleague who will works as reviewer
  • Assembling a team of translators and editors for a wide range of languages. All the translators I collaborate with are native speakers of the languages they work into and can effectively adapt your product to their market.
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